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Whether a beginner or an expert, learning your training starts here. The documents below provide insights into the different data development technologies, while the selection guides on this page will help you find specific technologies of interest depending on your needs.

Choose by Technology

.NET Technologies

  • Entity Framework

    Provides simplified and productive data access with less code than ever. Supports LINQ as well as access through a higher-level conceptual model rather than database structures.

  • WCF Data Services

    Enables the creation and consumption of OData services for the web.


    The basic data-access technology for .NET, upon which the Entity Framework is built, supporting Microsoft SQL Server, OLEDB, and ODBC, and third-party data providers.

  • XML

    The almost universally supported way of exchanging documents and data across applications and platforms.

  • Sync Framework

    A comprehensive synchronization platform enabling collaboration and offline for applications, services and devices.

  • LINQ to SQL

    A method to work with Microsoft SQL Server databases using LINQ. (Note that new applications are encouraged to use the Entity Framework.)

Database Technologies and Services

Native and Cross-Platform Technologies

Future Technologies

Learning Types

Documentation in the MSDN Library
Complete coverage of every technology, including CTPs.
Samples on MSDN Code Gallery
Learn best through code? Visit here for an index of data development resources.
How Do I Videos | Pre-Release Videos
No time to read? Check out our video sections.
Want to purchase a book? Look here for a listing of data development titles.

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