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...uses Microsoft's data platform to create data-centric solutions across mobile devices and desktops for web servers, enterprise servers, and the cloud.

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Technologies Past, Present, & Future

Database Technologies

Database Technologies

Use the SQL Server Database Engine to create relational databases for online transaction processing or online analytical processing data.

Use SQL Azure to move your database to the cloud and SQL Server Compact to build standalone and occasionally connected applications for mobile devices, desktops, and Web clients.

.NET Technologies

.NET Technologies

Use the Entity Framework to easily access databases using LINQ, with direct access to SQL Server and the option to control the mapping between an Entity Data Model (EDM) and raw relational structures.

Use Data Services for a near-turnkey solution to easily create and consume OData services on both the web and intranet

Use the core ADO.NET technology to manually implement a data access layer on top of any data store, and System.Xml for XML access in .NET. Also see LINQ to SQL for access to SQL Server tables represented as objects.

Use the Sync Framework to enable offline access to any data type, any data store, any transfer protocol, and any network topology.

Use the Reactive Extensions (Rx) to perform event stream programming and simplify asynchronous programming using observable sequences and LINQ-style query operators.

Application Services

Application Services

Regardless of where your data is stored, you can depend on powerful technologies built into SQL Server, such as SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Service Broker to expand the power and scope of your applications.

SQL Server Analysis Services Data Mining and SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional Data are powerful tools for analyzing the data contained in your databases.

SQL Server Master Data Services enables you to create a single source of master data and maintain an auditable record of that data as it changes over time.

Look to SQL Server StreamInsight to quickly implement robust and highly efficient event processing applications.

Native Technologies

Native and Cross-Platform Technologies

Depend on the MSXML technologies for working with XML.

Access a wide range of data sources via ODBC, OLE DB, and ADO using Windows Data Access Components (WDAC). Get high performance access to Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC and OLE DB connectivity with SQL Server Native Client.

The SQL Server JDBC Driver and the SQL Server Driver for PHP enable rich, scalable Java and PHP applications

Use the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) to simplify asynchronous callback-based and event-driven programming on the web using observable sequences.



Use SQL Server Data Tools to enhance your ability to create and edit databases, tables, stored procedures and more.

Use SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence for Visual Studio (SSDT-BI ) to create Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services projects in Visual Studio.

Organize, discover, and enrich your data with Microsoft Power Query for Excel.


Roadmap to the Future

Look to new features being planned for the Entity Framework and Data Services.

Featured Team Blog

Alex James
Alex James is a Program Manager on the Data Services Team at Microsoft. He is passionate about unlocking the inherent value in data, and loves cooking up crazy ideas that generally involve leveraging Metadata somehow.



Featured Community Blogger

Brian Loesgen
Brian Loesgen is a Principal SOA Architect with Microsoft. Based in San Diego. Brian is a 6-time Microsoft MVP for BizTalk Server, and has extensive experience in building sophisticated enterprise, ESB and SOA solutions. Brian was a key architect/developer of the “Microsoft ESB Toolkit”, initially released by Microsoft in Oct 2006. He has co-authored 6 books, and technical white papers for Intel, Microsoft and others. Brian has spoken at numerous major technical conferences worldwide.



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