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Order Food

Last Updated: 12/13/2016

The Order Food skill enables restaurants and other businesses that handle food and drink to accept pickup or takeout orders from Cortana.

Use cases

  • A user is working late at the office. Cortana has access to the user's calendar, sees a late meeting, and offers to order dinner through a delivery service that picks up from various local restaurants.
  • A user has back-to-back meetings that conflict with their regularly scheduled lunch time. Cortana is notified of this and offers to order food for the user.


To see the Order Food skill, a user must:

  • Give Cortana permission to access their calendar information.



The Order Food skill appears based on the following insights:

  • Working Late
  • Meeting Over Lunch

[!NOTE] One or more of these insights must be enabled by the user for Cortana to prompt the user with the skill.


Users can tell Cortana to order food by speaking (or typing) phrases similar to the following:

LocalePhrase Examples
en-us Cortana I want to place an order with Lunchbox Laboratory
Order a pizza from Pagliacci
I need food delivered from Thai Ginger
I want to place an order for delivery for dinner
Order pizza for delivery
Order sandwich from Specialty's in Bellevue
en-gbSame as en-us
zh-cn 用 百度 外卖 叫 一 份 炸酱 面
给 我 叫 一 份 外卖
给 我 叫 一 份 中餐
给 我 来 一 份 西式 的 晚餐
能 帮 我 叫 外卖 吗
我 想 叫 一 份 成都 小吃
叫 一 份 80 左右 的 披萨
在 附近 寿司 店 点 一 份 寿司
帮 我 点 一 份 好吃 的 意大利 面 吧
我 要 订 中午 的 外卖

Contextual information

At run time, the following info is provided to the slots for skills of this type:

Info NameAvailable for Activation TypeDescriptionExamples
CuisinePreferenceReactiveThe type of food requested in the context of this order"Mexican", "Chinese", "Healthy"
OrderTypeReactiveThe method of delivery requested by the user"Takeout", "Takeaway", "Pickup"
DeliveryLocationReactiveThe place where the user has requested that the food be delivered"Home", "1 Microsoft Way", "Work"
DeliveryTimeReactiveThe time that the user has requested the food be delivered."this evening", "6:30 PM", "19:00"

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