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Jack Hammons|Last Updated: 12/2/2016
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There are three major components of WSL that allows Windows 10 to provide a bash shell.

1. Ubuntu / Linux Binary

Genuine unmodified Ubuntu user-mode binaries provided by Canonical and/or downloaded and installed manually or via apt-get

2. Window Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

WSL provides several important components and/or services that enable unmodified Linux binaries to run directly on Windows:

  • Linux PicoProcesses: lightweight processes into which Linux binaries, and their dependencies are loaded, bound, and then executed
  • Syscalls: Windows kernel infrastructure that exposes a set of syscalls that are compatible with the Linux kernel Application Binary Interface (ABI). The WSL kernel infrastructure was developed by Microsoft and contains no Linux code.
  • User-mode tools: Tools including bash.exe and lxrun.exe which are used to launch, and install/uninstall/configure the Ubuntu instance.

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