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Operating System Performance

Here are some things to consider related to operating system performance:


To troubleshoot:

  • If you suspect delays with Distributed Transactions, you can capture a Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) trace to see how long a transaction took from creation to completion. KB article 899115: How to enable diagnostic tracing for MSDTC on a computer that is running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 provides more information about DTC tracing. You can also collect memory dumps in hang mode of the client process, server process, and MSDTC. For analysis, you can contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS).
  • If you suspect a third-party/custom service could be causing problems, you can use the Services tab in msconfig to disable a handful of third-party services. Restart, and see if the issue persists. You may have to do this several times.
  • If you suspect a delay in the network, use Network Monitor to obtain simultaneous network captures between the servers. KB article 933741: Information about Network Monitor 3 provides more information about Network Monitor 3.0.
  • The Physical Disk, Logical Disk and Processor Performance Monitor objects can be used to determine if there is a disk issue. The bottleneck-detection counters are described in Bottleneck-Detection Counters.
  • Capturing memory dumps of a high memory or high CPU process can be used to determine root cause. For debug analysis, you can contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS).