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BizTalk Server Customer Advisory Team

  • Goals
    • Ensure success of strategic customer deployments
    • Drive key learnings into product development
  • Services
    • Architecture Design Review -an interactive engagement with the customer to provide valuable insights based on the BizTalk product group's experiences.
    • Operational Readiness Review –a customized engagement designed for the operational needs of the customer-based BizTalk development project team. This engagement helps identify risks and proactively address potential problems in the production environment. This engagement can be delivered either before or after production launch.
    • Performance and Stability Review –an engagement that provides consulting services for BizTalk tuning and optimization, including stress test cases. It also includes a review of the BizTalk environment and dependent systems to uncover existing or potential performance degradations.

Meet the Team

The BizTalk Server Customer Advisory Team consists of the following people.

Ewan Fairweather (PM)
Focused on:
Rama Ramani (PM)
Focused on:
Architecture Design,
Tim Wieman (Senior PM)
Focused on:
Operational Readiness
Paolo Salvatori (Principal PM)
Focused on:
Architecture Design
Quoc Bui (Senior PM)
Focused on:
Architecture Design,
Operational Readiness

BizTalk Customer Advisory Team Presentations

  Download Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from the BizTalk Customer Advisory Team:

  • BizTalk Server 2009: Performance Characteristics on Hyper-V and Physical Platforms; Ewan Fairweather and Paolo Salvatori
    The BizTalk Customer Advisory Team quantifies performance of BizTalk Server 2009 vs. BizTalk Server 2006 R2, as well as performance of BizTalk Server 2009 on Hyper-V. The team also provides guidance on how to effectively do performance testing of BizTalk Server 2009.
  • BizTalk Server 2009 Performance; Ewan Fairweather, Tim Wieman, and Paolo Salvatori
    The BizTalk Customer Advisory Team provides examples of successful performance labs. The team also provides information about the tools, techniques, and processes that were used to run effective BizTalk Server performance labs.
  • BizTalk Server End-to-End Performance Testing Guidance; Ewan Fairweather and Paolo Salvatori
    The BizTalk Customer Advisory Team discusses how they run BizTalk performance assessments, demonstrate tools and techniques that used during the assessment, and introduce the BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide.
  • BizTalk Hyper-V Virtualization Guidance; Ewan Fairweather and Clint Huffman
    The BizTalk Customer Advisory Team shares best practices for using BizTalk Server with Hyper-V. They also provide guidance on the performance characteristics of BizTalk Server on Hyper-V, and introduce the BizTalk Server Hyper-V Guide.

Tip of the Month

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One of the CAT’s BizTalk ISV partners recently experienced an interesting challenge related to Business Rule Engine (BRE). Other BizTalk developers might have faced a similar challenge. See troubleshooting information related to this.

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BizTalk Server Customer Advisory Team

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Ewan Fairweather

BizTalk Server Customer Advisory Team

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