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Use these BizTalk Server resources to learn more, whether you know nothing about the product, are just getting started with it, or are a more advanced user.

BizTalk Server Overview Topics

Getting Started with BizTalk Server has never been easier. The documentation is full of information about new features, prerequisites, and topics for users who are new to BizTalk Server.

The BizTalk Server Tutorials contain detailed information about how to use BizTalk Server to integrate enterprise applications within your company and to automate and monitor business-to-business processes between you and your business partners.

Scenarios for Business Solutions are a comprehensive collection of content, patterns, and code about designing, building, and running three complete BizTalk Server solutions: a service-oriented solution, a business process management solution, and a business-to-business solution.

For information about how to optimize system performance and scale your BizTalk Server solutions, see Performance and Capacity Planning.

BizTalk Server 2010 Learning Topics

Videos and Presentations

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