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Renew or upgrade your subscription

Retail subscriptions

As a retail Visual Studio subscriber (formerly known as MSDN subscriber), you have three options when your current subscription expires:

  1. Renew your subscription through the Microsoft Store (you’ll get a subscription activation key that you can redeem in order to extend your subscription another 12 months).
  2. Renew your standard subscription through a Microsoft software reseller (retail subscriptions are eligible to be renewed into Volume Licensing programs, by selecting the Software Assurance option—SA). After you renew, you can optionally purchase a “step-up” license which upgrades your subscription to the next higher level.
  3. Purchase an annual Visual Studio cloud subscription through the Visual Studio Marketplace.

To compare these options, please visit the How to buy page. Unlike subscriptions offered through the Microsoft Store and resellers, there are no “new” or “renewal” prices for annual cloud subscriptions—these are priced the same each year.

Renewal paths

If your current subscription level is…… you qualify to renew at this level:
Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN
(formerly Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN
and Visual Studio Premium with MSDN)
Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN logoVisual Studio Enterprise with MSDN
Visual Studio Professional with MSDN
MSDN Operating Systems
Visual Studio Professional with MSDN logoVisual Studio Professional with MSDN
Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDNVisual Studio Test Professional with MSDN logoVisual Studio Test Professional with MSDN

Volume Licensing subscriptions

If you purchased your subscription through a Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller, please contact your reseller for details on renewing.

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) and BizSpark subscriptions

Subscriptions offered as a program benefit through the Microsoft Partner Network and the BizSpark program only continue based on your organization’s program membership.

BizSpark startup companies that graduate from the program after three years of membership can renew subscriptions at special rates.