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Power Packs are free Add-Ins, Controls, Components, and Tools for you to use with Visual Basic to make developing great applications even easier. Visual Basic Power Pack 3.0 contains a DataRepeater control, Line and Shape controls, PrintForm component, and Printer Compatibility Library all rolled into one download.

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DataRepeater control

The new DataRepeater control included in this version of the Visual Basic Power Packs allows you use standard Windows Forms controls to display rows of your data in a scrollable container giving you more flexibility and customization than standard grid controls.

The following illustration shows two forms using the new DataRepeater control. The first one contains two DataRepeater controls, one with horizontal layout and one with vertical. The second form demonstrates a more typical scrolling DataRepeater with several rows of data.

figure 1

figure 2

Line and Shape controls

The Line and Shape controls included in this version of the Visual Basic Power Packs are a set of three graphical controls that enable you to draw lines, ovals, and rectangles on forms and containers at design time making it much easier to enhance the look of your user interface. Line and Shape controls encapsulate many of the graphics methods that are contained in the System.Drawing namespace. This enables you to draw lines and shapes in a single step without having to create graphics objects, pens, and brushes. Complex graphics techniques such as gradient fills can be accomplished by just setting some properties. These shape controls also provide events such as click and double-click allowing developers to respond and interact with end users.

PrintForm and Printer Compatibility Library

Generating a Quick and Simple Report Easily
The PrintForm component is designed to bring back the ability to easily print a Windows Form. With this the new PrintForm component you can once again layout the Windows Form exactly as you want it and allow your users to print the form as a quick report.

Upgrade VB6 Printer code
The Printer Compatibility Library allows projects that used the Printer and Printers Collection in Visual Basic 6.0 to be upgraded without having to re-write your printing logic. Simply adding a reference to the library, declare a Printer and make a few minor syntax changes. Then your project will be able to print using the Printers collection and Printer object as it did in Visual Basic 6.0. This version adds a new Write method to the Printer object which allows you to print text without a forced carriage return similar to the semicolon syntax used by Print method in Visual Basic 6.0.

Redistribute with ease

We’ve also included a Bootstrapper package to allow you to easily redistribute the Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs with your application. This allows you to include the Power Packs in your ClickOnce Project or Setup Project by simply checking a box.