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WITH (Azure Stream Analytics)

Mary McCready|Last Updated: 10/5/2018
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Specifies a temporary named result set which can be referenced by a FROM clause in the query. This is defined within the execution scope of a single SELECT statement.


The WITH clause has a special use with respect to scaling out your queries. For more information, see Scale Azure Stream Analytics jobs


<result_set_name1> AS  
  ( SELECT_query_definition1 ),  
[<result_set_name2> AS  
  ( SELECT_query_definition2 )  
[...n]  ]  



This is the name of the temporary result-set which can be referenced by a FROM clause of a SELECT statement. This name must be different from the name of any other result_set_name defined within the scope of the query.


Specifies a SELECT statement whose result set populates the result_set_name.


NormalReadings AS  
  SELECT *  
  FROM Sensor  
  WHERE Reading < 100 AND Reading > 0  
Averages AS  
  SELECT SensorId, AVG(Reading) as AvgNormalReading  
  FROM NormalReadings  
  GROUP BY SensorId, TumblingWindow(minute, 1)  
BadAverages AS  
  SELECT *  
  FROM Averages  
  WHERE AvgNormalReadings < 10  
SELECT * INTO outputAlerts FROM BadAverages  
SELECT * INTO outputLog FROM NormalReadings  
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