Welcome to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)

Welcome to MSDN

Are you a first-time visitor to MSDN? If so, you'll soon see that we have a huge amount of information for software developers, including articles, SDKs, samples, and videos. Check out this page to find answers to your basic questions and learn how to find the information you need.

-The MSDN Team

Frequently Asked Questions about MSDN

What's the simplest way to find what I need on MSDN?

Every MSDN page has a set of tabs along the top of the page. These are the quickest shortcuts for finding learning resources, MSDN Library articles, downloads, and more.

What is an MSDN Subscription?

MSDN Subscriptions are the ultimate resource for professional developers, teams, and organizations engaged in application development. Learn more about MSDN Subscriptions in the blue box at the right of this page.

I’m new to programming. Where can I learn the basics?

MSDN has a lot of resources for beginners. Check out our Beginner Developer Center, Ramp Up, and the free Express versions of Visual Studio.

Where can I find answers to my programming questions?

The best place for asking programming questions is the MSDN Forums, and here are good instructions for using the forums. Some of the forums have their own FAQs. Here is the FAQ for Visual Basic, for example. Note that every MSDN page has a Forums tab at the top, linking to relevant forums.

Say I'm a C# developer, and I only want to see C# information. How do I do that?

MSDN includes a number of subject-specific developer centers. Here is a map of our developer centers. Here is the Visual C# Developer Center.

Does MSDN have "how to" videos?

MSDN has hundreds of short videos that explain a wide range of development tasks. Here's a good start for diving into the "How Do I?" video series.

Where can I find code samples?

MSDN features a wide range of code samples. You can find them at MSDN Code Gallery, Visual Studio Code Gallery, Codeplex, and under the Downloads tab on each developer center.