Analysis Services Programming (SQL Server 2000)
Data Definition Language

The following topics describe the data definition language (DDL) used by PivotTable® Service.

Topic Description
ALTER CUBE Statement Allows client applications to control the structure of a cube after it has been created.
CREATE ACTION Statement Allows the user to create action definitions that can be associated with a member and executed when that member is referenced.
CREATE CACHE Statement Populates the cache with a slice of cube data defined by sets of members.
CREATE CELL CALCULATION Statement Creates a calculated cell formula for specified tuples within a cube.
CREATE CUBE Statement Creates a local cube or virtual cube on the client computer. The virtual cube can include dimensions based on mining models.
CREATE MEMBER Statement Creates a calculated member.
CREATE MINING MODEL Statement Creates a local data mining model on the client computer.
CREATE SET Statement Creates a user-defined set.
DROP_ACTION_Statement Deletes an action from the database.
DROP CUBE Statement Deletes a cube from the database.
CREATE CELL CALCULATION Statement Removes a calculated cell.
DROP LIBRARY Statement Removes a user-defined function library from use during a session.
DROP MEMBER Statement Deletes a calculated member.
DROP MINING MODEL Statement Deletes a mining model.
DROP SET Statement Deletes a user-defined set.
REFRESH CUBE Statement Causes the memory cached on the client application to be synchronized with the server.
USE LIBRARY Statement Loads a user-defined function library for use during a session.