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VisWinTypes Enumeration (Visio)

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Type and ID codes returned by Window.Type , Window.SubType , and Window.ID .

visAnchorBarAddon10Window created by an add-on that has tabs at the bottom when merged (floating, anchored, or docked window)
visAnchorBarBuiltIn6Visio built-in window that has tabs at the bottom when merged?presently, the Custom Properties, Size &; Position, Drawing Explorer, Master Explorer, Pan &; Zoom and Validation Issues windows (floating, anchored, or docked windows).
visApplication5Microsoft Visio application window.
visDockedStencilAddon11An add-on window that has docked stencil behavior.
visDockedStencilBuiltIn7Stencil window docked in a drawing window.
visDrawing1Drawing window (MDI frame window).
visDrawingAddon8Drawing window created by an add-on (MDI frame window).
visIcon4Icon editing window (MDI frame window).
visInvalWinID-1Window has no ID.
visMasterGroupWin96A group editing window of a group in a master.
visMasterWin64A master drawing page window.
visPageGroupWin160A group editing window of a group on a page.
visPageWin128A drawing window showing a page.
visSheet3ShapeSheet window (MDI frame window).
2Stencil window (MDI frame window).
visStencil9Add-on window that has stencil window behavior.
visStencilAddon1658When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Custom Properties window .
visWinIDCustProp1721When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Drawing Explorer window.
visWinIDDrawingExplorer2044When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , External Data window .
visWinIDExternalData1781When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , ShapeSheet Formula Tracing window.
visWinIDFormulaTracing1916When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Master Explorer window in master editing window.
visWinIDMasterExplorer1653When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Pan &; Zoom window.
visWinIDPanZoom1669When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Shapes window.
visWinIDSizePos1670When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Size &; Position window.
visWinIDStencilExplorer1796When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Drawing Explorer window in MDI stencil window.
visWinIDValidationIssues2263When Window.Type is visAnchorBarBuiltIn , Validation Issues window.
visWinOther0Unknown window type.
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