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VisWindowStates Enumeration (Visio)

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Window-state codes passed to and returned by the Window.WindowState property.

ConstantValue** Description**
visWSActive&;H4000000Active window.
visWSAnchorAutoHide&;H200Anchor window with AutoHide on.
visWSAnchorBottom&;H100Window is anchored at the bottom.
visWSAnchorLeft&;H20Window is anchored at the left.
visWSAnchorMerged&;H400Window is merged.
visWSAnchorRight&;H80Window is anchored at the right.
visWSAnchorTop&;H40Window is anchored at the top.
visWSDockedBottom&;H8Window is docked at the bottom. Not used for the Shapes window in Visio
visWSDockedLeft&;H1Window is docked at the left.
visWSDockedRight&;H2Window is docked at the right.
visWSDockedTop&;H10Window is docked at the top. Not used for the Shapes window in Visio.
visWSFloating&;H40000000Window is floating.
visWSMaximizedWindow is maximized.
visWSMinimized&;H20000000Window is minimized.
visWSNone&;H0No window state.
visWSRestored&;H10000000Window is restored.
visWSVisible&;H8000000Window is visible.
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