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VisSpatialRelationFlags Enumeration (Visio)

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Flags passed to various properties of the Shape object, including the DistanceFrom , DistanceFromPoint , SpatialNeighbors , SpatialRelation , and SpatialSearch properties.

visSpatialBackToFront&;H8Order items back to front.
visSpatialFrontToBack&;H4Order items front to back.
visSpatialIgnoreVisible&;H20Do not consider visible Geometry sections. By default, visible Geometry sections influence the result.
visSpatialIncludeContainerShapes&;H80Include containers. By default, containers are not included.
visSpatialIncludeDataGraphics&;H40Include data graphic callout shapes and their sub-shapes. By default, data graphic callout shapes and their subshapes are not included. If the parent shape is itself a data graphic callout, searches are made between the parent shape's geometry and non-callout shapes, unless this flag is set.
visSpatialIncludeGuides&;H2Consider a guide's Geometry section. By default, guides do not influence the result.
visSpatialIncludeHidden&;H10Consider hidden Geometry sections. By default, hidden Geometry sections do not influence the result.
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