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VisSectionIndices Enumeration (Visio)

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Logical indices of ShapeSheet sections for Shape or Style objects.

visSectionAction240Stores the actions that appear on the shortcut menu.
visSectionAnnotation246Index of a section whose rows represent annotations.
visSectionCharacter3Stores character properties; for example, font.
visSectionConnectionPts7Stores an object's connection points.
visSectionControls9Stores an object's control handles.
visSectionFillGradientStops249Index of a section whose rows represent fill gradient stops.
visSectionFirstComponent10An object's first Geometry section. Additional sections have indices ( visSectionFirstComponent + ).
visSectionFirst0Index whose value is less than any other section index.
visSectionHyperlink244Stores hyperlinks.
visSectionInval255An invalid index that no section will ever have.
visSectionLastComponent239An object's last Geometry section.
visSectionLast252Index whose value is greater than any other section index.
visSectionLayer241Stores a page or master's layer properties.
visSectionLineGradientStops248Index of a section whose rows represent line gradient stops.
visSectionNone255Unspecified section.
visSectionObject1Stores general non-repeating properties of an object.
visSectionParagraph4Stores paragraph properties; for example, indentation.
visSectionProp243Stores shape data (formerly custom properties).
visSectionReviewer245Index of section whose rows represent reviewers.
visSectionScratch6Holds scratch cells.
visSectionSmartTag247Index of section whose rows represent SmartTags.
visSectionTab5Stores position and alignment of tab stops.
visSectionTextField8Stores an object's text fields.
visSectionUser242Stores cells created and used by an external solution.
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