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VisPasteSpecialCodes Enumeration (Visio)

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Format codes passed to the PasteSpecial method.

visPasteBitmap2Paste bitmap.
visPasteDIB8Paste device-independent bitmap.
visPasteEMF14Paste enhanced metafile.
visPasteHyperlink65538Paste hyperlink.
visPasteInk65544Paste Ink data.
visPasteMetafile3Paste metafile.
visPasteOEMText7Paste OEM text.
visPasteOLEObject65536Paste OLE object.
visPasteRichText65537Paste rich text.
visPasteText1Paste ANSI text.
visPasteURL65539Paste Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
visPasteVisioIcon65543Paste Microsoft Visio icon.
visPasteVisioMastersXML65546Paste Visio masters XML.
visPasteVisioMasters65541Paste Visio masters.
visPasteVisioShapesXML65545Paste Visio shapes XML.
visPasteVisioShapesWithoutDataLinks65548Paste Visio drawing data without internal data links.
visPasteVisioShapes65540Paste Visio shapes.
visPasteVisioText65542Paste Visio text.
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