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ValidationRule.TargetType Property (Visio)

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Determines the type of object to which the validation rule applies. Read/write.


expression . TargetType

expression A variable that represents a ValidationRule object.

Return Value



Valid validation-rule targets include documents, pages, and shapes. The TargetType property value must be one of the following VisRuleTargets constants.

visRuleTargetShape0The rule applies to shapes in the document.
visRuleTargetPage1The rule applies to pages in the document.
visRuleTargetDocument2The rule applies to the document itself.

If you pass any other value to the TargetType property, Visio returns an invalid-parameter error.


The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example shows how to use the TargetType property to specify the type of object to which the validation rule named "Unglued2DShape" should apply.

Set vsoValidationRule = vsoValidationRuleSet.Rules.Add("Unglued2DShape")
vsoValidationRule.TargetType = Visio.VisRuleTargets.visRuleTargetShape
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