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Shape.TransformXYTo Method (Visio)

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Transforms a point expressed in the local coordinate system of one Shape object to an equivalent point expressed in the local coordinate system of another Shape object.


expression . TransformXYTo( OtherShape , x , y , xprime , yprime )

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
OtherShapeRequired[IVSHAPE]An expression that returns a Shape object whose local coordinate system you are transforming the point to.
xRequiredDoublex-coordinate in coordinate system of object.
yRequiredDoubley-coordinate in coordinate system of object.
xprimeRequiredDoublex-coordinate corresponding to _x_in the _OtherShape_coordinate system.
yprimeRequiredDoubley-coordinate corresponding to _y_in the _OtherShape_coordinate system.

Return Value



The points x, y, xprime and yprime are all treated as internal drawing units.

An exception is raised if object is not a Shape object of a Page or Master object, or if OtherShape is not in the same Page or Master object as object.

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