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ServerPublishOptions.SetPagesToPublish Method (Visio)

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Specifies the pages to publish to a server.


expression . SetPagesToPublish( PublishPages , NamesArray() , Flags )

expression A variable that represents a ServerPublishOptions object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
PublishPagesRequiredVisPublishPagesIndicates whether all pages or selected pages are to be published. See Remarks for possible values.
NamesArray()RequiredStringThe names of the pages to be published, if PublishPages is visPublishPageSelect .
FlagsRequiredVisLangFlagsIndicates whether universal or local page names are specified in NamesArray. See Remarks for possible values.

Return Value



The PublishPages parameter must be one of the following VisPublishPages constants.

visPublishPageAll0Publish all pages.
visPublishPageSelect1Publish selected pages.

The Flags parameter must be one of the following VisLangFlags constants.

visLangLocal0The page name is a local name.
visLangUniversal1The page name is a universal name.
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