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Page.OriginalPage Property (Visio)

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Returns the Page object that represents the original Microsoft Visio drawing page that was marked up on separate markup overlays by reviewers of the drawing. Read-only.


expression . OriginalPage

expression A variable that represents a Page object.

Return Value



If the Page parent object is not a markup overlay, OriginalPage returns an error. To determine if a page is a markup overlay, check to see whether Page.Type = visTypeMarkup (3).

When a user clicks Track Markup, Visio creates a new page of type visTypeMarkup . The original page has type visTypeForeground or visTypeBackground . Each markup overlay is associated with a unique original drawing page.


This Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro uses the OriginalPage property to get the name of the original page that was marked up on a markup overlay and display it in the Immediate window. Before running this macro, make sure that a drawing page is displayed in the active window.

Public Sub OriginalPage_Example() 

 'Turn on Track Markup to make a markup overlay the active page. 
 Application.ActiveDocument.DocumentSheet.CellsSRC(visSectionObject, visRowDoc, visDocAddMarkup).FormulaU = True 

 'Display the name of the original page that currently is being marked up. 
 Debug.Print ActivePage.OriginalPage.Name 

End Sub
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