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DataRecordset.RefreshSettings Property (Visio)

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Gets and sets options that determine how the data recordset is refreshed. Read/write.

Note This Visio object or member is available only to licensed users of Visio Professional 2013.


expression . RefreshSettings

expression An expression that returns a DataRecordset object.

Return Value



Constants for how a data recordset is refreshed are declared in the VisRefreshSettings enumeration in the Visio type library:

visRefreshNoReconciliationUI2Disables the Refresh Conflicts task pane in the Visio user interface (UI) after a refresh operation.
visRefreshOverwriteAll1When data is refreshed, overwrites all user changes made in the shape data of shapes linked to data in this recordset since the previous refresh operation. See note.

The default is for neither of the VisRefreshSettings flags to be turned on. ( RefreshSettings = 0).

When visRefreshNoReconciliationUI is set, support for reconciling refresh conflicts in the Visio UI is disabled. As a developer, you should reconcile refresh conflicts programmatically by using the GetAllRefreshConflicts , GetMatchingRowsForRefreshConflict , and RemoveRefreshConflict methods.

Note In some previous versions of Visio, shape data was called custom properties.

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