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Days Object (Project)

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Contains a collection of Day objects.


Using the Days Collection Object

Use Days(Index), whereIndex is the day index number or PjWeekday constant, to return a single Day object. The following example counts the number of working days in the month of September 2002 for each selected resource.

Dim R As Resource, D As Integer, WorkingDays As Integer 

For Each R In ActiveSelection.Resources() 

 WorkingDays = 0 

 With R.Calendar.Years(2002).Months(pjSeptember) 

 For D = 1 To .Days.Count 

 If .Days(D).Working = True Then 

 WorkingDays = WorkingDays + 1 

 End If 

 Next D 

 End With 

 MsgBox "There are " & WorkingDays & " working days in " _ 

 & R.Name & "'s calendar." 

Next R

Getting the Days Collection Object.

Use the Days property to return a Days collection. The following example counts the number of days in the month of September 2002.

MsgBox ActiveProject.Calendar.Years(2006).Months(pjNovember).Days.Count 



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