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Cell.Task Property (Project)

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Gets a Task object representing the task in the active cell. Read-only Task.


expression. Task

expression A variable that represents a Cell object.


The following example displays the names of all tasks at the same outline level as the selected task.

Sub Siblings() 

 Dim MyParent As Task 
 Dim Sibling As Task 
 Dim Temp As String 

 Set MyParent = ActiveCell.Task.OutlineParent 

 For Each Sibling In MyParent.OutlineChildren 
 Temp = Sibling.Name &; ListSeparator &; " " &; Temp 
 Next Sibling 

 Temp = Left$(Temp, Len(Temp) - Len(ListSeparator &; " ")) 
 MsgBox Temp 

End Sub
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