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Application.SelectTimescaleRange Method (Project)

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Selects one or more timescale data cells in a usage view.


expression. SelectTimescaleRange( ** Row, ** StartTime, ** Width, ** Height )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
RowRequiredLongThe number of the row containing the cell to select.
StartTimeRequiredStringA time (from the timescale) that functions as the starting point of the selection.
WidthRequiredIntegerThe number of columns to select.
HeightRequiredLongThe number of rows to select.

Return Value



The following example selects a five-day range of timescale data cells for the specified row. It assumes the timescale has not been changed from the default setting. The SelectRow method is not required for this example, but is included to make the result easier to read.

Sub SelectWeek() 
 Dim WhichRow As Integer, StartDate As Variant 

 WhichRow = InputBox("Start selection on which row?") 
 StartDate = InputBox("Enter the date for the start of a week: ") 

 SelectRow WhichRow, False 
 SelectTimescaleRange Row:=WhichRow, StartTime:=StartDate, Width:=5, Height:=1 

End Sub
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