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Application.ReassignSelectedAssns Method (Project)

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Reassigns the selected assignments in the Team Planner view.


expression. ReassignSelectedAssns( ** ResourceID** )

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ResourceUniqueIDRequiredLongIdentification number of the resource for the new assignment, or -65535 for unassigned.

Return Value



The ReassignSelectedAssns method works only with the Team Planner view.

If you use the Team Planner to drag an assignment from one resource to another while you are recording a macro, the macro does not show the results of the drag action. To record a macro that shows the ReassignSelectedAssns method, you must right-click an assignment in the Team Planner, and then click Reassign To in the option menu.


The following line of code reassigns the assignments selected in the Team Planner to the resource with ID = 2.

ReassignSelectedAssns ResourceID:=2

The following line of code changes the assignments to unassigned.

ReassignSelectedAssns ResourceID:=-65535
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