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Presentation.SaveAs Method (PowerPoint)

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Saves a presentation that's never been saved, or saves a previously saved presentation under a different name.


expression. SaveAs( Filename, FileFormat, EmbedFonts )

expression A variable that represents a Presentation object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
FilenameRequiredStringSpecifies the name to save the file under. If you don't include a full path, PowerPoint saves the file in the current folder.
FileFormatOptionalPpSaveAsFileTypeSpecifies the saved file format. If this argument is omitted, the file is saved in the default file format ( ppSaveAsDefault ).
EmbedFontsOptionalMsoTriStateSpecifies whether PowerPoint embeds TrueType fonts in the saved presentation.


The FileFormat parameter value can be one of these PpSaveAsFileType constants. The default is ppSaveAsDefault. For a complete list of constants, see PpSaveAsFileType Enumeration.

|| |:-----| |ppSaveAsAddIn| |ppSaveAsBMP| |ppSaveAsDefault| |ppSaveAsEMF| |ppSaveAsExternalConverter| |ppSaveAsGIF| |ppSaveAsJPG| |ppSaveAsMetaFile| |ppSaveAsMP4| |ppSaveAsOpenDocumentPresentation| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLAddin| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLPicturePresentation| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLPresentation| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLPresentationMacroEnabled| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLShow| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLShowMacroEnabled| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLTemplate| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLTemplateMacroEnabled| |ppSaveAsOpenXMLTheme| |ppSaveAsPDF| |ppSaveAsPNG| |ppSaveAsPresentation| |ppSaveAsRTF| |ppSaveAsShow| |ppSaveAsStrictOpenXMLPresentation| |ppSaveAsTemplate| |ppSaveAsTIF| |ppSaveAsWMV| |ppSaveAsXMLPresentation| |ppSaveAsXPS| The EmbedFonts parameter value can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

msoFalseTrueType fonts are not embedded.
msoTriStateMixedEmbedded fonts are a mixture of TrueType and non-TrueType. The default.
msoTrueTrueType fonts are embedded.


This example saves a copy of the active presentation under the name "New Format Copy.ppt." By default, this copy is saved in the format of a presentation in the current version of PowerPoint. The presentation is then saved as a PowerPoint 4.0 file named "Old Format Copy."

With Application.ActivePresentation 
    .SaveCopyAs "New Format Copy" 
    .SaveAs "Old Format Copy", ppSaveAsPowerPoint4 
End With

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