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Borders Object (PowerPoint)

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A collection of LineFormat objects that represent the borders and diagonal lines of a cell or range of cells in a table.


Each Cell object or CellRange collection has six elements in the Borders collection. You cannot add objects to the Borders collection.

Use Borders (index), where index identifies the cell border or diagonal line, to return a single Border object. The index value can be any PPBorderType constant.

|| |:-----| |ppBorderBottom| |ppBorderLeft| |ppBorderRight| |ppBorderTop| |ppBorderDiagonalDown| |ppBorderDiagonalUp|


Use the DashStyleproperty to apply a dashed line style to a Border object. This example selects the second row from the table and applies a dashed line style to the bottom border.

ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Table.Rows(2).Cells.Borders(ppBorderBottom).DashStyle = msoLineDash

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