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MsoThemeColorSchemeIndex Enumeration (Office)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Indicates the color scheme for an Office theme.

msoThemeAccent15Specifies color scheme Accent 1.
msoThemeAccent26Specifies color scheme Accent 2.
msoThemeAccent37Specifies color scheme Accent 3.
msoThemeAccent48Specifies color scheme Accent 4.
msoThemeAccent59Specifies color scheme Accent 5.
msoThemeAccent610Specifies color scheme Accent 6.
msoThemeDark11Specifies color scheme Dark 1.
msoThemeDark23Specifies color scheme Dark 2.
msoThemeFollowedHyperlink12Specifies a color scheme for a clicked hyperlink.
msoThemeHyperlink11Specifies a color scheme for a hyperlink.
msoThemeLight12Specifies color scheme Light 1.
msoThemeLight24Specifies color scheme Light 2.
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