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MsoPresetLightingDirection Enumeration (Office)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Specifies the location of lighting on an extruded (three-dimensional) shape relative to the shape.

msoLightingBottom8Lighting comes from the lower part.
msoLightingBottomLeft7Lighting comes from the lower left.
msoLightingBottomRight9Lighting comes from the lower right.
msoLightingLeft4Lighting comes from the left.
msoLightingNone5No lighting.
msoLightingRight6Lighting comes from the right.
msoLightingTop2Lighting comes from the upper part.
msoLightingTopLeft1Lighting comes from the upper left.
msoLightingTopRight3Lighting comes from the upper right.
msoPresetLightingDirectionMixed-2Not supported.
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