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CommandBarButton.Picture Property (Office)

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Gets or sets an IPictureDisp object representing the image of a CommandBarButton object. Read/write.

Note The use of CommandBars in some Microsoft Office applications has been superseded by the new ribbon component of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. For more information, search Help for the keyword "ribbon."


expression. Picture

expression A variable that represents a CommandBarButton object.


When you change the image on a button, you will also want to use the Mask property to set a mask image. The mask image determines which parts of the button image are transparent. Always set the mask after you have set the picture for a CommandBarButton object.

Note The images for the View MicrosoftApplication and InsertItem buttons on the Standard toolbar in the Visual Basic Editor cannot be changed.


The following example sets the image and mask of the first CommandBarButton that the code returns. To make this work, create a mask image and a button image and substitute the paths in the sample with the paths to your images.

Sub ChangeButtonImage() 
    Dim picPicture As IPictureDisp 
    Dim picMask As IPictureDisp 

    Set picPicture = stdole.StdFunctions.LoadPicture( _ 
    Set picMask = stdole.StdFunctions.LoadPicture( _ 

    'Reference the first button on the first command bar 
    'using a With...End With block. 
    With Application.CommandBars.FindControl(msoControlButton) 
        'Change the button image. 
        .Picture = picPicture 

        'Use the second image to define the area of the 
        'button that should be transparent. 
        .Mask = picMask 
    End With 
End Sub

The following example gets the image and mask of the first CommandBarButton that the code returns and outputs each of them to a file. To make this work, specify a path for the output files.

Sub GetButtonImageAndMask() 
    Dim picPicture As IPictureDisp 
    Dim picMask As IPictureDisp 

    With Application.CommandBars.FindControl(msoControlButton) 
        'Get the button image and mask of this CommandBarButton object. 
        Set picPicture = .Picture 
        Set picMask = .Mask 
    End With 

    'Save the button image and mask in a folder. 
    stdole.SavePicture picPicture, "c:\image.bmp" 
    stdole.SavePicture picMask, "c:\mask.bmp" 
End Sub 

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