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String Function

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Returns a Variant ( String ) containing a repeating character string of the length specified. SyntaxString ( number, character ) The String function syntax has thesenamed arguments:

numberRequired; Long. Length of the returned string. If number containsNull, Null is returned.
characterRequired; Variant. Character code specifying the character orstring expression whose first character is used to build the return string. If character contains Null, Null is returned.

Remarks If you specify a number for character greater than 255, String converts the number to a valid character code using the formula: characterMod 256


This example uses the String function to return repeating character strings of the length specified.

Dim MyString
MyString = String(5, "*")    ' Returns "*****".
MyString = String(5, 42)    ' Returns "*****".
MyString = String(10, "ABC")    ' Returns "AAAAAAAAAA".
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