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Code Window Keyboard Shortcuts

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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You can use the following shortcut keys to access commands in the Code window.

DescriptionShortcut Keys
View Code windowF7
View Object BrowserF2
Find NextF3
Find PreviousSHIFT+F3
Next procedureCTRL+DOWN ARROW
Previous procedureCTRL+UP ARROW
View definitionSHIFT+F2
Shift one screen downCTRL+PAGE DOWN
Shift one screen upCTRL+PAGE UP
Go to last positionCTRL+SHIFT+F2
Beginning of moduleCTRL+HOME
End of moduleCTRL+END
Move one word to rightCTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Move one word to leftCTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move to end of lineEND
Move to beginning of lineHOME
Delete current lineCTRL+Y
Delete to end of wordCTRL+DELETE
Clear all breakpointsCTRL+SHIFT+F9
View shortcut menuSHIFT+F10
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