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Report.PrtDevNames Property (Access)

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You can use the PrtDevNames property to set or return information about the printer selected in the Print dialog box for a form or report. Read/write Variant.


expression. PrtDevNames

expression A variable that represents a Report object.


It is strongly recommended that you consult the Win32 Software Development Kit for complete documentation on the PrtDevMode, PrtDevNames, and PrtMip properties.

The PrtDevNames property is a variable-length structure that mirrors the DEVNAMES structure defined in the Win32 Software Development Kit.

The PrtDevNames property uses the following members.

DriverOffsetSpecifies the offset from the beginning of the structure to a Null- terminated string that specifies the file name (without an extension) of the device driver. This string is used to specify which printer is initially displayed in the Print dialog box.
DeviceOffsetSpecifies the offset from the beginning of the structure to the Null- terminated string that specifies the name of the device. This string can't be longer than 32 bytes (including the null character) and must be identical to the DeviceName member of the DEVMODE structure.
OutputOffsetSpecifies the offset from the beginning of the structure to the Null- terminated string that specifies the MS-DOS device name for the physical output medium (output port); for example, "LPT1:".
DefaultSpecifies whether the strings specified in the DEVNAMES structure identify the default printer. Before the Print dialog box is displayed, if Default is set to 1 and all of the values in the DEVNAMES structure match the current default printer, the selected printer is set to the default printer. Default is set to 1 if the current default printer has been selected.

Microsoft Access sets the PrtDevNames property when you make selections in the Printer section of the Print dialog box. You can also set the property by using Visual Basic .

Microsoft Access uses the DEVNAMES structure to initialize the Print dialog box. When the user chooses OK to close the dialog box, information about the selected printer is returned by the PrtDevNames property.

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