This section contains information about building devices that support networking for Windows operating systems.

This information is for driver developers. Looking for updates and drivers for your personal computer?

Windows support for networking devices is based on the Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS), which includes:

  • Power management, Plug and Play, and hardware instrumentation support through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
  • Mechanisms for off-loading tasks to intelligent hardware and broadcast-media extensions.
  • Connection-oriented NDIS to support wide area network (WAN) media.

In this section


Design Guidelines for Play To Receivers

This paper provides design recommendations for networked media receivers that interoperate with the Play To functionality available in Windows 8.

Network Device Compatibility with Media Player 11

This paper describes concepts that help manufacturers to build a network audio/video device that is compatible with the new Media Sharing feature in Microsoft Windows Media Player 11.

Windows 7 - Mobile Broadband Certification for Existing Chipsets

This paper provides information about Windows 7 support for Mobile Broadband. It provides guidelines for hardware manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and mobile network operators on developing logo-compliant Mobile Broadband drivers for chipsets/modules that are already commercially deployed. This information applies for the Windows 7 operating system.


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