Features of MSDN Forum Assistant

Search Introduction

Encountering technical issues? With the MSDN Forum Assistant, you can solve it directly from your desktop. Search key words in the Forum Assistant to search the forum for related posts. It really couldn’t be any easier!

Ask a Question

Simply click the “Ask a Question” button, and you can directly post question in the forum. It is easy and fast!

Thread Updates

Do you want to see your own threads or favorite forums threads updates without opening IE? Click on the “Thread Updates” button and the latest posts are right there for you. You can easily configure the gadget setting to determine whether it shows your own threads or favorite forum threads updates.

Priority Support

As a MSDN Subscriber, you can benefit from priority support in MSDN forums. MSDN Forum Assistant helps you quickly access the forums that offer priority support for you.

Forum FAQ

This is definitely the feature specially designed for you! Doesn't matter you are a beginner trying to master basic knowledge, or an experienced developer who still wants to learn more. Click on the “Forum FAQ button, you can get the hottest questions summarized by Microsoft engineers regarding various Microsoft development technique and their answers, some of which even include sample code. That’s why MSDN Forum Assistant can be the best place to find solutions, easy and reliable.

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