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Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace

Contains the classes, interfaces, structures and other components that are used by the print driver and by the Windows print system to create and manipulate documents.


The Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace has these types of members:


The Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace has these classes.

PrintManager Informs Windows that an application wishes to participate in printing. The PrintManager class is also used for programmatically initiating printing.
PrintTask Represents a printing operation including the content to be printed, as well as providing access to information describing how the content is to be printed.
PrintTaskCompletedEventArgs Reports the completion of the print task.
PrintTaskOptions Represents a collection of methods and properties for managing the options which define how the content is to be printed.
PrintTaskProgressingEventArgs Contains the event arguments for the PrintTask.Progressing event. This event is raised during the submitting phase of the PrintTask.
PrintTaskRequest Contains the request from the system to create a print task.
PrintTaskRequestedDeferral Used to defer the request for a print task.
PrintTaskRequestedEventArgs Event arguments associated with the PrintTaskRequest.
PrintTaskSourceRequestedArgs Arguments associated with the PrintTaskSourceRequestedHandler delegate. Provides a method for handing the content to be printed to the Print Task.
PrintTaskSourceRequestedDeferral Used to defer the request for a print task source.
StandardPrintTaskOptions Provides access to the canonical names for the options represented by the PrintTaskOptions class.



The Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace has these delegates.

PrintTaskSourceRequestedHandler Occurs when a print task requests the document to print. The supplied print document must implement the IPrintDocumentSource interface.



The Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace has these enumerations.

PrintBinding Specifies the print binding option.
PrintCollation Specifies the collation option.
PrintColorMode Specifies the color mode option.
PrintDuplex Specifies the duplex option.
PrintHolePunch Specifies the hole punch option.
PrintMediaSize Specifies the media size option.
PrintMediaType Specifies the media types for the printed output.
PrintOrientation Specifies the orientation options for the printed output.
PrintQuality Specifies the print quality options for the printed output.
PrintStaple Specifies the staple options.
PrintTaskCompletion Specifies the completion status of a print task.



The Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace defines these interfaces.

IPrintDocumentSource Initialized when a print task is initialized for the print system.
IPrintTaskOptionsCore Represents the core functionality for a PrintTaskOptions object.
IPrintTaskOptionsCoreProperties An interface with properties that provide access to the core options for a print task.
IPrintTaskOptionsCoreUIConfiguration An interface that provides access to the core UI configuration functionality that is supported by the print task options.



The Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace has these structures.

PrintPageDescription Represents the data that describes a document page.



Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

None supported


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