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Adding selection controls (HTML)

Selection controls let users select between multiple options.

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Add checkbox controls

A checkbox is a control that the user can check or uncheck by tapping, clicking, or pressing the space bar on the keyboard. Most checkbox controls have two states, checked and unchecked, but some checkbox controls support a third, indeterminate state.

Add DatePickers and TimePickers

Use DatePickers or TimePickers when you want to let users select dates or times. (Windows only)

Add radio buttons

Add Select controls

Use Select controls to let users select from a pre-defined list of options presented like a text control. Select controls are similar to drop-downs or combo boxes.

Add sliders

Use sliders to let users pick a value within a continuous range.

Add toggle switches

Use Toggle switches to present users with exactly two mutually exclusive options (like on/off), where choosing an option results in an immediate commit. A toggle switch should have a single label.




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