Connect a PowerPivot Service Application to a SharePoint Web Application

A PowerPivot service application can be used by any number of SharePoint Web applications in the farm. To make a PowerPivot service application available, you add it to a service association list.

Important noteImportant

You must have one PowerPivot service application in the default group to ensure that PowerPivot Management Dashboard works properly. Do not add more than one PowerPivot service application to the default group. Adding multiple entries of the same service application type is not a supported configuration and might cause errors. If you are creating additional service applications, add them to custom lists.

This topic contains the following sections:

Add PowerPivot Services Application to the Default Group

Add PowerPivot Services Application a Custom Service Association List

A service association list is a list of shared services that provide resources to other SharePoint Web applications in the farm. There is one default group of service associations for the farm.

To be on the list, a PowerPivot service application can either be added when you create the application or afterwards by using the following steps.

  1. In Central Administration, in Application Management, click Configure service application associations.

  2. In Application Proxy Group, click default.

  3. Select the checkbox next to the PowerPivot service application (indicated by type name PowerPivot Service Application Proxy). If you have more than one PowerPivot service application, choose just one.

  4. Click OK.

The default group can be replaced by a custom list. A custom list is created specifically for a single SharePoint Web application. It overrides the default group and replaces it with only those service associations that a farm or service administrator specifies. If you created multiple PowerPivot service applications, you must use a custom list to specify which one to use. A custom list cannot be reused by other Web applications. It applies only to the Web application for which it was created.

  1. In Central Administration, in Application Management, click Manage web applications.

  2. Select the application (for example, SharePoint -80).

  3. In Web Applications, in Manage, click Service Connections.

  4. In Edit the following group of connections, select [custom].

  5. Select the checkbox next to each service application connection you want to use. If you have multiple PowerPivot service applications (indicated by Type set to PowerPivot Service Application Proxy), be sure to choose only one.

  6. Click OK.

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