WMI Provider Error Messages

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WMI Provider Error Messages

If you make an error in your WMI script or when using the WBemtest tool, you will receive an error code without a corresponding description.

The following table contains descriptions of error codes returned by the Office Communications Server 2007 WMI provider:

HRESULTError Message
0xC3EC5801LDirectory user entry update failed while moving user. (0)
0xC3EC5802LStored procedure execution on the source pool failed while moving user. (1)
0xC3EC5803LStored procedure execution on the destination pool failed while moving user. (2)
0xC3EC5804LStored procedure execution on the source pool failed while moving user. (3)
0xC3EC5805LDirectory user entry update failed while moving user. (4)
0xC3EC5808LCannot move user from pool.
0xC3EC5809LCannot move user to pool.
0xC3EC580ALCannot move user from pool.
0xC3EC580BLCannot move user to pool.
0xC3EC580CLCannot change the user's SIP settings and move the user to a different pool at the same time.
0xC3EC580DLThe primary SIP URI is already used by a different user.
0xC3EC580ELThe contact (%1) does not have the originator SID attribute present.
0xC3EC580FLMove user operation failed.
0xC3EC5810LThe attempt to rollback the initial directory update failed during the move user operation.
0xC3EC5811LMove user operation failed.
0xC3EC5819LThe user's HomeServerDN attribute is invalid.
0xC3EC581ALUnable to read the user's information from the Active Directory.
0xC3EC581BLThe user's InstanceID attribute is NULL or empty.
0xC3EC581DLUnable to retrieve the user's UserCategory attribute from the Active Directory.
0xC3EC5823LThe Windows NT user account configured for $(VER_PRODUCTGENERICNAME_STR) is disabled and is not mapped to an external user account.
0xC3EC5825LWMI provider is busy processing other requests. Try the request later.
0xC3EC5826LThe store procedure's version does not match the WMI provider's expectation.
0xC3EC5827LWMI is not able to retrieve the version of the configuration database's store procedures.
0xC3EC5828L$(VER_PRODUCTGENERICNAME_STR) could not determine whether this Windows NT user account is disabled. If the account is disabled, verify that the user account is mapped to an external user account in a remote forest.
0xC3EC5829LThe remote call control device URI is already used by a different user.
0xC3EC582ALUnable to read the value of InstanceID of the policy data instance.
0xC3EC582BLUnable to read the value of msRTCSIP-DefaultPolicy attribute of the policy data instance from the Active Directory.
0xC3EC582CLCannot delete the default policy data instance.
0xC3EC582DLUnable to read the value of distinguishedName attribute for the Active Directory object.
0xC3EC582ELUsers enabled for enhanced presence cannot be disabled.
0xC3EC582FLUnable to read the value of msRTCSIP-Default attribute of the data instance from the Active Directory.
0xC3EC5830LCannot delete the default data instance.
0xC3EC5831LMSFT_SIPPoolSetting: Instance ID and Policy DN are invalid.
0xC3EC5832LThe contact (%1) does have both the originator SID and object source type attributes.
0xC3EC5833LUnable to read the value of InstanceID of the data instance.
0xC3EC5834LUnable to set property on the WMI object.
0xC3EC5835LUsers cannot be enabled for voice if they are not enabled for enhanced presence.
0xC3EC7D00LInteger value was not in the range specified by the metadata.
0xC3EC7D01LString value was longer than the maximum number of characters allowed.
0xC3EC7D02LDuplicate found and duplicates are not allowed.
0xC3EC7D03LEnum value not defined.
0xC3EC7D04LValue was NULL and NULL is not allowed.
0xC3EC7D05LValue validation failed - generic error. More info in the error data structure.
0xC3EC7D06LType supplied was different than the one specified in the metadata.
0xC3EC7D07LInvalid GUID format.
0xC3EC7D08LKey column value is NULL.
0xC3EC7D09LTrying to create 2nd instance on a singleton class.
0xC3EC7D0ALStore is corrupt in some way.
0xC3EC7D0BLOperation specified (create, update, etc) is not valid for this class.
0xC3EC7D0CLInvalid IP address (could be a valid FQDN though).
0xC3EC7D0DLInvalid Host (IP/FQDN) address.
0xC3EC7D0ELDuplicate Key Found <-- not currently used.
0xC3EC7D0FLA read-only property is modified.
0xC3EC7D1CLInvalid Web URL.
0xC3EC7D1DLURL can't start with HTTPS.
0xC3EC7D1ELURL can't start with HTTP.
0xC3EC7D1FLArray length has exceeded the max allowed.
0xC3EC7D6ALMSFT_SIPGlobalFederationSetting: RouteToEnterpriseEdge is NULL when EnableRouteToEnterpriseEdge is TRUE.
0xC3EC7D6BLMSFT_SIPGlobalFederationSetting: RouteToEnterpriseEdgePort is NULL when EnableRouteToEnterpriseEdge is TRUE.
0xC3EC7D6DLMSFT_SIPApplicationSetting: File or dir path is not valid.
0xC3EC7D71LMSFT_SIPRemoteAddressData: Already an existing entry with the same server name.
0xC3EC7D73LMSFT_SIPProxySecuritySetting: Realm is empty when DefaultRealm is set to FALSE.
0xC3EC7D74LMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData, MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: TLSCertSN is not NULL and TLSCertIssuer is NULL.
0xC3EC7D75LMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData, MSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: TransportType is TCP, and both TLSCertIssuer and TLSCertSN are not NULL.
0xC3EC7D76LMSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: TransportType is TLS or MTLS and TLSCertIssuer is NULL.
0xC3EC7D77LMSFT_SIPEsGlobalRegistrarSetting: (MinRegistrationExpiry <= DefRegistrationExpiry <= MaxRegistrationExpiry) is not true.
0xC3EC7D78LMSFT_SIPEsGlobalRegistrarSetting: (MinRoamingDataSubscriptionExpiry <= DefRoamingDataSubscriptionExpiry <= MaxRoamingDataSubscriptionExpiry) is not true.
0xC3EC7D79LMSFT_SIPEsGlobalRegistrarSetting: (MinPresenceSubscriptionExpiry <= DefPresenceSubscriptionExpiry <= MaxPresenceSubscriptionExpiry) is not true.
0xC3EC7D7ALMSFT_SIPEsGlobalSearchSetting: MaxNumRows > NumRowsServerRequests.
0xC3EC7D7BLMSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: An existing instance clashes with the new instance.
0xC3EC7D7CLMSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: An existing instance contains a generic address that encompasses specified address.
0xC3EC7D7DLMSFT_SIPListeningAddressData: An existing instance contains a specific address that clashes with specified address.
0xC3EC7D7ELMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: An existing route which clashes with the new instance.
0xC3EC7D80LMSFT_SIPApplicationPriorityList: Trying to insert/ delete items from the priority list (not allowed).
0xC3EC7D81LMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: SIP URI is not valid (doesn't confirm to the RFC rules) - any syntax errors.
0xC3EC7D84LMSFT_SIPLogSetting: Invalid MSMQ queue path.
0xC3EC7D85LMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: User part of the URI is not valid.
0xC3EC7D86LMSFT_SIPRoutingTableData: Host part of the URI is not valid.
0xC3EC7D87LMSFT_SIPLogSetting: Invalid ack queue path.
0xC3EC7D88LMSFT_SIPLogServiceSetting: Invalid MSMQ queue name.
0xC3EC7D89LMSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not empty when Type is All.
0xC3EC7D8ALMSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not a valid domain name when Type is Domain.
0xC3EC7D8BLMSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not a valid domain name when Type is Domain.
0xC3EC7D8CLMSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Mask is not a valid URI when Type is All.
0xC3EC7D8DLMSFT_SIPESUserACEData: Invalid combination of Presence and Communications flags.
0xC3EC7D91LValue validation succeeded with a warning.
0xC3EC7D92LQueue was not validated because it is not on the local machines.
0xC3EC7D93LFile or dir path was not validated because it is not on the local machines.
0xC3EC7D94LTotal number of entry in the WMI list exceeds max allowed to display in the property page.
0xC3EC7D95LCertificate does not have AT_KEYEXCHANGE property and cannot be used for encryption/decryption and signing.
0xC3EC7D96LCertificate does not have a subject.
0xC3EC7D98LMSFT_SIPLogOptions: ArchivingBEToken contains invalid SIP characters.
0xC3EC7D99LMSFT_SIPLogServiceSetting: ArchivingDBPath cannot start with '(local)' or '.'.
0xC3EC7D9DLMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: LineURI contains an empty Telephony URI.
0xC3EC7D9ELMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: LineURI is neither a Telephony URI nor a SIP URI.
0xC3EC7D9FLMSFT_SIPFederationInternalServerData: Internal server contains only *
0xC3EC7DA0LMSFT_SIPFederationNetworkProviderTable: Duplicate $(ACCESSPROXY_PRODUCT_GENERICNAME_STR) Entry.
0xC3EC7DA3L$(VER_PRODUCTGENERICNAME_STR) cannot use this certificate because it contains an invalid subject name. The subject name must contain a valid FQDN and no asterisks (*), the wild character.
0xC3EC7DA5LMSFT_SIPApplicationSetting: Deleting or modifying this instance from the app setting class is not allowed.
0xC3EC7DA8LMSFT_SIPDataComplianceSetting: Compliance location is NULL, and Meeting content compliance is enabled.
0xC3EC7DA9LMSFT_SIPGroupExpansionSetting: DL Operation is enabled, but both InternalDLExpansionWebURL and ExternalDLExpansionWebURL are NULL.
0xC3EC7DAALMSFT_SIPAVMCUetting: To Port is less than From Port.
0xC3EC7DABLMSFT_SIPGlobalMeetingPolicyData: Policy DN is invalid.
0xC3EC7DACLMSFT_SIPGlobalMeetingPolicyData: Name of the default policy can't be changed.
0xC3EC7DAELAdministrative dollar share not allowed.
0xC3EC7DAFLAdministrative dollar share not allowed.
0xC3EC7DB0LVolume does not support explicit ACLs.
0xC3EC7DB3LMSFT_SIPDataMCUCapabilitySetting: Both InternalClientContentDownloadURL and ExternalClientContentDownloadURL are NULL. At least one of them must be non-NULL.
0xC3EC7DB4LMSFT_SIPClientVersionData: URL is null when Action's value is 'Prompt'.
0xC3EC7DB5LMSFT_SIPClientVersionData: URL is non null when Action's value is not 'Prompt'.
0xC3EC7DB7LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: $(MEDIARELAY_PRODUCT_GENERICNAME_STR)'s MRExternalPortRangeFrom < MRExternalPortRangeTo.
0xC3EC7DB8LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: MR is installed, but one of the following is not set: MRExternalIPAddress, MRExternalTCPPort, MRInternalTCPPort.
0xC3EC7DB9LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: DP is installed, but one of the following is not set: DPExternalIPAddress, DPExternalPort, DPInternalPort.
0xC3EC7DBALMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: AP is installed, but one of the following is not set: APExternalIPAddress, APExternalRemoteAccessPort, APExternalFederationPort, APInternalPort.
0xC3EC7DBBLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APInternalPort == DPInternalPort.
0xC3EC7DBCLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: MRExternalIPAddress == InternalIPAddress.
0xC3EC7DBDLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: DPExternalIPAddress == InternalIPAddress.
0xC3EC7DBELMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalIPAddress == InternalIPAddress.
0xC3EC7DBFLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalIPAddress:APExternalFederationPort == DPExternalIPAddress:DPExternalPort.
0xC3EC7DC0LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalIPAddress:APExternalRemoteAccessPort == DPExternalIPAddress:DPExternalPort.
0xC3EC7DC1LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalIPAddress:APExternalFederationPort == MRExternalIPAddress:MRExternalTCPPort.
0xC3EC7DC2LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalIPAddress:APExternalRemoteAccessPort == MRExternalIPAddress:MRExternalTCPPort.
0xC3EC7DC3LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: DPExternalIPAddress:DPExternalPort == MRExternalIPAddress:MRExternalTCPPort.
0xC3EC7DC4LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APInternalPort == MRInternalTCPPort.
0xC3EC7DC5LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: DPInternalPort == MRInternalTCPPort.
0xC3EC7DC6LMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalRemoteAccessPort = NULL and APExternalFederationPort = NULL.
0xC3EC7DC7LMSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerData: InternalFQDN = InternalFQDN of another entry.
0xC3EC7DC8LMSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerData: ExternalFQDN = ExternalFQDN of another entry.
0xC3EC7DC9LMSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerData: InternalFQDN = ExternalFQDN of another entry.
0xC3EC7DCALMSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerData: ExternalFQDN = InternalFQDN of another entry.
0xC3EC7DCBLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: MRExternalTCPPort is in MRExternalPortRangeFrom:MRExternalPortRangeTo range.
0xC3EC7DCCLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalFederationPort is in MRExternalPortRangeFrom:MRExternalPortRangeTo range.
0xC3EC7DCDLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APExternalRemoteAccessPort is in MRExternalPortRangeFrom:MRExternalPortRangeTo range.
0xC3EC7DCELMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: DPExternalPort is in MRExternalPortRangeFrom:MRExternalPortRangeTo range.
0xC3EC7DCFLUnique column exists in store.
0xC3EC7DD4LMSFT_SIPMediationServerListeningAddressData: Same ProxyListeningPort and GatewayListeningPort.
0xC3EC7DD5LOther Active Directory objects are referencing this object.
0xC3EC7DD6LFile path cannot be relative.
0xC3EC7DD7LMSFT_SIPPhoneRouteUsageData: UsageAttribute of the default usage can't be changed.
0xC3EC7DD8LMSFT_SIPGlobalUCPolicyData: PhoneRouteUsage DN is invalid.
0xC3EC7DD9LDefault MSFT_SIPGlobalUCPolicyData policy does not have default PhoneRouteUsage DN.
0xC3EC7DDALInvalid MSFT_SIPDomainData: default domain data entry.
0xC3EC7DDBLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: $(MEDIARELAY_PRODUCT_GENERICNAME_STR)'s MRInternalTCPPort = MRASInternalPort.
0xC3EC7DDCLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: DPInternalPort == MRASInternalPort.
0xC3EC7DDDLMSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSetting: APInternalPort == MRASInternalPort.
0xC3EC7DDELIncorrect regular expression found.
0xC3EC7DDFLMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: Enabled and RCC are mutually exclusive settings.
0xC3EC7DE0LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: IPPBXSoftPhoneRoutingEnabled is enabled without being UCEnabled.
0xC3EC7DE1LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: Phone part of the URI is not valid.
0xC3EC7DE2LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: Extension part of the URI is not valid.
0xC3EC7DE3LMSFT_SIPFederationInternalDomainData: SupportedInternalDomain cannot be anonymous.invalid.
0xC3EC7DE4LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: LineURI contains an empty Telephony URI.
0xC3EC7DE5LString was blank and blank string is not allowed.
0xC3EC7DE6LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: Invalid LineServerURI.
0xC3EC7DE7LDefault UC Policy refers the usage.
0xC3EC7DE8LLocation profile name can contains alpha-numeric characters or dash or dot.
0xC3EC7DE9LCertificate supports both server and client authentication.
0xC3EC7DEALProperties DefaultRoute, IsClearinghouse and AllowRemoteUsersCommunicateWithAnyDomain are mutually exclusive.
0xC3EC7DEBLFederation should be enable for DefaultRoute and IsClearinghouse.
0xC3EC7DECLFederation should be disabled for AllowRemoteUsersCommunicateWithAnyDomain property.
0xC3EC7DEDLOutside user not allowed for clearing house.
0xC3EC7DEELAllowRemoteUsersCommunicateWithAnyDomain must be disabled if AllowOutsideUsers is disabled.
0xC3EC7DEFLMSFT_SIPEsUserSetting: AllowIPAudio is FALSE when AllowIPVideo is TRUE.
0xC3EC7DF0LMSFT_SIPDiagnosicFilterSetting: URIFilter1 or URIFilter2 contains more than asterisk or it contains on asterisk that is not the first or last character of the filter value.
0xC3EC7DF1LMSFT_SIPDiagnosicFilterSetting: FQDNFilter1 or FQDNFilter2 contains an asterisk and wildcards are not support for FQDN filters.
0xC3EC7DF2LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: LineServerURI is incorrect.
0xC3EC7DF3LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: LineURI is incorrect.
0xC3EC7DF4LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: LineServerURI is incorrect.
0xC3EC7DF5LMSFT_SIPESUserSetting: IPPBXSoftPhoneRoutingEnabled is enabled and LineURI is empty.
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