MSFT_SIPForwardingProxySetting class

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Specifies the Forwarding Proxy Server to which a pool connects.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all inherited properties. Properties are listed in alphabetic order, not MOF order.

class MSFT_SIPForwardingProxySetting
  string FQDN;
  [key] string InstanceID;
  uint32 Version;


This class does not define any methods.


The MSFT_SIPForwardingProxySetting class has the following properties.

Data type: string

Access type: Read-only

Required. The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Office Communications Server.

The value must be an FQDN. An IP address is not allowed.

Data type: [key] string

Access type: Read-only

Required. A GUID value that uniquely identifies an instance of this class.

The GUID must be encapsulated between the "{" and "}" braces; for example: "{01234567-0123-4567-89AB-CDEF01234567}".

Data type: uint32

Access type: Read-only

Optional. The version number of the Forwarding Proxy server.


This class gets and sets information at the following level(s): AD.

Instances of this class support the following interface methods:

  • Provider::EnumerateInstances();
  • Provider::PutInstance();


Server: Installed on computers serving the following role(s): Administrative Tools Server, Front End Server.
Namespace: Defined in \root\cimv2.

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