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Always Encrypted Disable Migration When Publishing with SqlPackage
Is there a way to disable the automatic migration (encryption) of existing data when publishing a database for the first time after adding column encryption to a table? My issue stems from the fact that I do not want to risk data being pulled from Q... Read more...
Monday, Feb 6
When using sql package to generate a change script, when adding a colum, the table is being recreated.
We have been using sqlpackage for several months now to manage deployment of our database. We are a multi-tenant environment, with the database being 98% the same for all clients (we manage custom part independently/manually). We do not have acces... Read more...
Friday, Jan 27
msbuild dacpac "Build error : Unable to read a file from package. Package may be corrupt."
I am having a sporadic issue building out my database solution. I have 2 big solutions "OLTP" with 24 database projects and "ODS" with 14 database projects. running the rebuild solution from the IDE "VS2013" works great ... Read more...
Thursday, Aug 25
Export Schema Compare to HTML Report
I've downloaded and installed the latest SQL Server Data Tools for VS 2012. Is there anyway to export the results of the schema comparison into a report in CSV/Html format? I understand that it can generate the sql diff script, but I want a readab... Read more...
Thursday, Jan 3