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Beginner's Guide to XML and .NET

This page contains resources to help developers get up to speed with XML and the .NET Framework. For more resources see the Resources & Community page.

Tutorials & Articles

Learning XML Overview

Which XML API should I use--System.XML, LINQ to XML, or MSXML? What tools are available in Visual Studio? Also includes links to many articles.

Building Custom XmlResolvers in the .NET Framework

Get under the hood of the XmlResolver class in System.Xml and review how to create your own implementations of XmlResolvers that allow you to retrieve XML documents from alternative data sources.   

XPath Querying Over DataSets with the DataSetNavigator

Leverage DataSetNavigator to get the flexibility of the XML programming model without converting the entire DataSet into an XmlDataDocument object.

Building an XPath Visualizer with Windows Forms

Praj Joshi produces a GUI tool for viewing the results of XPath queries on an XML document.

Generating XML Documents from XML Schemas

Use the classes in the System.XML.Schema namespace of the Microsoft .NET Framework to build a tool that generates sample XML documents conforming to a given schema.   

The XML Diff and Patch GUI Tool

Learn how to use the XmlDiff class in combination with Winforms to build an application that compares two XML files and shows these differences as an HTML document.  

An Introduction to the XML Tools in Visual Studio

Learn about the XML Editor and the XSLT Debugger in Visual Studio 2005 and later.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with the XmlSerializer

Christoph Schittko discusses various techniques for diagnosing common problems that occur when converting XML to objects and vice versa with XML Serialization technology in the .NET Framework.

Combine XML Documents with Xinclude

Learn about XInclude, an emerging W3C standard, and XPointer. Discover a specific implementation of XInclude for the .NET Framework.  

Code Generation in the .NET Framework Using XML Schema

Learn the difference between typed datasets and classes generated by the xsd.exe tool. Extend this process by reusing the infrastructure classes supporting it, staying compatible with the XmlSerializer.   

XmlCsvReader Implementation

XmlCsvReader is a sample implementation of an XmlReader that parses tab-delimited .csv files and presents their contents as a stream of XML elements; XmlReader is the Microsoft .NET Framework base class for all managed stream-level XML processing.

Using the XSD Inference Utility

Discusses the Microsoft XSD Inference utility, which simplifies the task of writing XML Schema by automatically generating schemas from instance documents. The inferred schema can then be refined with related document instances so that it can be used to describe and validate a whole class of XML documents.

Learn how the .NET Framework's classes and associated tools for manipulating XML data can be woven together to form an impressive array of options for constructing XML processing solutions.

Using the XML Diff and Patch Tool in Your Applications

Explains how to use the XML Diff and Patch tool, which compares two XML files and produces an XML output of the differences, by utilizing a typical scenario that readers can apply to their own applications.

"How Do I?" Videos

Beginner's Guide to System.Xml


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