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System.Xml... the core XML manipulation technology for .NET languages .

Overview of System.Xml


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NOTE: This section covers working with XML using System.Xml. See this section for working with XML using MSXML.

System.Xml Highlights

Converting from XmlDocument to XDocument
Converting from XmlDocument to XDocument has a number of benefits, including the ability to use LINQ to XML, use a much cleaner object model, get better name handling with XName and being able to use functional constructors. However, there are a lot of XmlDocuments out there, so what is the best way to convert a XmlDocument to an XDocument?

Frequently Asked Questions on XML in .NET - Part 1
As part of a separate task, the XML team came up with a list of frequently encountered issues in System.XML; mainly points that we felt were interesting because they were the source of a lot of difficulty for our users.

Frequently Asked Questions on XML in .NET - Part 2
This is the next post in our ongoing FAQ series.

Team Blog Posts

Developing with System.Xml

Xslt 1.0 biggest issues (kind of) solved
Xslt 1.0 has a number of issues that can make the life of an Xml developer frustrating. A lot of the... more
Sunday, Oct 9 XmlTeam
The world has moved on, have you? Xml APIs you should avoid using.
There is a few Xml APIs you should not be using. In some cases the complier makes this obvious – the... more
Saturday, Oct 8 XmlTeam
Effective Xml Part 5: Something went really wrong – OutOfMemoryException and StackOverflowException thrown when using XslCompiledTransform
So, your application is crashing and it is crashing in the bad way. After spending hours of debuggin... more
Monday, Sep 26 XmlTeam
Effective Xml Part 4: Let me project this (Xml file) for you
Xml is ubiquitous. No doubt about it. It is being used almost everywhere and almost by everyone. Thi... more
Monday, Sep 26 XmlTeam


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