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The Sync Framework...

...provides a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices with support for any data type, any data store, any transfer protocol, and any network topology.

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Sync Framework Highlights

Sync Framework

Sync Framework 4.0 Oct 2010 CTP is available for download
The Microsoft Sync Framework 4.0 October 2010 CTP is built on top of Sync Framework 2.1 and it extends the Sync Framework capabilities of building offline application to any client platform that is capable of caching data.
SQL Server to SQL Azure Synchronization
This article shows how to use Sync Framework 2.1 to write a console application to synchronize SQL Azure with on-premises SQL Servers. Sync Framework takes care of all the messy details for you, letting you tie the pieces together with very few lines of code.
Windows Azure Sync Service Sample
This sample shows you how to implement and deploy a Windows Azure Hosted Service to synchronize between a SQL Azure database and a SQL Server Compact database. This allows your users to take data offline and store it in a client database, such as SQL Server Compact, so that your client applications operate while disconnected and your customers can stay productive without the need for a reliable network connection. The hosted service demonstrated in this sample operates as the middle tier in a 3-tier architecture, and uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to communicate synchronization commands and data between the client application and the SQL Azure database. The use of a 3-tier architecture means your customers and business partners connect to the hosted service and do not connect directly to your SQL Azure database, providing greater flexibility and security.
Creating Synchronization Providers With The Sync Framework
The Sync Framework can be used to build apps that synchronize data from any data store using any protocol over a network. We’ll show you how it works and get you started building a custom sync provider.
Sync Framework 2.1 is available for download
Sync Framework 2.1 includes all the great functionality of our 2.0 release, enhanced by several exciting new features and improvements. The most exciting of these lets you synchronize data stored in SQL Server or SQL Server Compact with SQL Azure in the cloud. We’ve added top customer requests like parameter-based filtering and the ability to remove synchronization scopes and templates from a database, and of course we’ve made many performance enhancements to make synchronization faster and easier.


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Sync Framework

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