About the WPD Automation Object Model

The WPD Automation object model is made up of objects that represent a physical device and the services, storages, properties, methods, and events that are present on that device.

The following diagram shows the hierarchy of objects in WPD Automation.

Diagram showing objects arranged in a hierarchy

In WPD Automation, a device is represented by a hierarchy of objects. The preceding example illustrates a device (in this case, a mobile phone) represented by a Device object that contains one Storage object, a Contacts Service, and a Ringtones Service. Storage objects store data and typically represent the actual storage on the device. Services can also store data and can support additional functionality depending on the type of service implemented. Some services store only specific types of data. In this example, the Ringtones Service stores only ringtones, and can support a method to associate a contact with a ringtone. Both storages and services can store a collection of child objects. Each child object represents data on the device. In this example, the data can represent music, images, contacts, or ringtones.

The following topics provide overview information about the WPD Automation Object Model.

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