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Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace

Enables the decoding, editing, and encoding of image files.


The Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace has these types of members:


BitmapBuffer Represents the pixel data buffer of a bitmap.
BitmapCodecInformation Provides access to information about a decoder or encoder.
BitmapDecoder Provides read access to bitmap container data as well as data from the first frame.
BitmapEncoder Contains methods to create, edit and save images.
BitmapFrame Provides read access to data within a single frame.
BitmapProperties Provides read and write access to image properties and metadata.
BitmapPropertiesView Provides read access to image properties and metadata.
BitmapPropertySet Represents a property set of BitmapTypedValue objects.
BitmapTransform Contains transformations that can be applied to pixel data.
BitmapTypedValue A value along with an enumeration specifying its data type.
ImageStream An implementation of IRandomAccessStreamWithContent type used in the Imaging namespace.
PixelDataProvider Provides access to the pixel data from a bitmap frame.
SoftwareBitmap Represents an uncompressed bitmap.



The Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace has these enumerations.

BitmapAlphaMode Specifies the alpha mode of pixel data.
BitmapBufferAccessMode Specifies the access mode of a BitmapBuffer.
BitmapFlip Specifies the flip operation to be performed on pixel data.
BitmapInterpolationMode Specifies the interpolation mode used for scaling pixel data.
BitmapPixelFormat Specifies the pixel format of pixel data. Each enumeration value defines a channel ordering, bit depth, and data type.
BitmapRotation Specifies the rotation operation to be performed on pixel data.
ColorManagementMode Specifies the color management behavior when obtaining pixel data.
ExifOrientationMode Specifies the EXIF orientation flag behavior when obtaining pixel data.
JpegSubsamplingMode Specifies which chroma subsampling mode will be used for image compression in JPEG images.
PngFilterMode Specifies the filter used to optimize the image prior to image compression in PNG images.
TiffCompressionMode Specifies the compression mode used for TIFF images.



The Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace defines these interfaces.

IBitmapFrame Exposes methods for operating on a single frame of an image.
IBitmapFrameWithSoftwareBitmap Exposes methods for obtaining a SoftwareBitmap representation of an BitmapFrame.
IBitmapPropertiesView Exposes methods for reading image metadata and properties.



The Windows.Graphics.Imaging namespace has these structures.

BitmapBounds Specifies a bounding rectangle.
BitmapPlaneDescription Defines the format of a bitmap plane.
BitmapSize Represents the size of a bitmap, in pixels.


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