This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Property Pages Dialog Box

When you create a new project, many of its properties are set by default. However, you can change these properties in the Property Pages dialog box. Having access to project properties allows you to customize your application.

You can access this dialog box by selecting a macro project in the Project Explorer window, and then clicking Property Pages on the View menu of the Macros IDE. To view the Macros IDE, press ALT+F11, or select Macros IDE from the Macros submenu of the Tools menu.

Property Pages General Page

Allows you to access and change the name of your project, as well as the root namespace.

Property Pages Build Page

Allows you to set options such as Option Strict, as well as custom constraints that are in place when your project is initialized.

Property Pages Imports Page

Allows you to add reference libraries and namespaces to your project.

Automating Repetitive Actions by Using Macros

Provides an overview of the use of macros in projects.

Macro Explorer Window

Allows you to use the Macro Explorer window to record and edit macros.