Obtaining and Setting File Information

The following topics describe how to get and set file information.

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Retrieving File Type Information

The GetFileType function retrieves the type of a file: disk, character (such as a console), pipe, or unknown.

Determining the Size of a File

The GetFileSize function retrieves the size of a file.

Searching for One or More Files

An application can search the current directory for all file names that match a given pattern by using the FindFirstFile, FindFirstFileEx, FindNextFile, and FindClose functions.

Setting and Getting the Timestamp of a File

Applications can retrieve and set the date and time a file is created, last modified, or last accessed by using the GetFileTime and SetFileTime functions.

Determining the Current Character Set Code Page

The AreFileApisANSI function determines whether the file I/O functions are using the ANSI or OEM character set code page.