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CreateReportHistorySnapshot Method

SQL Server 2000

ReportingService.CreateReportHistorySnapshot Method

Generates a report history snapshot of a specified report.

Public Function CreateReportHistorySnapshot( _
   ByVal Report As String _
   ByRef Warnings() As [Namespace].Warning _
) As String
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService

public string CreateReportHistorySnapshot(
   string Report
   out [Namespace].Warning[] Warnings
   Member of [Namespace].ReportingService
The full path name of the report.
[out] An array of Warning[] objects that lists warnings that occurred during report processing.
Return Value

A string that represents the date and time stamp of the snapshot. This string is used as a unique identifier for the historical snapshot.


Operation Description
Create Report History Required to create a report history snapshot.
Execute And View Required on any sub-reports that are contained within the primary report.


For the snapshot to be generated successfully, report history must be enabled for the report. To enable report history for a report, use the SetReportHistoryOptions method. For more information about report history, see Managing Report History.

If the report contains subreports, query result sets from the subreports are persisted in the report history snapshot. Report parameters that are passed to the report at the time the report is executed are also persisted.

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